Top Agtech Startups In Europe

Jack Mathew
7 min readAug 25, 2020

Startup City Magazine features the list of top agriculture technology startups in Europe region.

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top agtech startups in europe

Technological advancements are playing a dominant role in every industry, and agriculture is no exception. As a result, the usage of traditional resources such as pesticides is taking a back seat. Instead, growers are utilizing modern technological tools that leverage advanced sensors for enhanced productivity using fewer resources. Besides, the ongoing innovations are playing a significant role in not only maintaining worker safety but also ensuring enhanced efficiency in processes such as storage and distribution of the farm produce. With such comprehensive improvements in the various aspects, the agriculture industry is achieving high food quality with improved safety along with increased efficiency in productivity.

Today, growers are leaving no stone unturned to reap the benefits of digital transformation and take agriculture to newer heights. For instance, technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics are radically improving agricultural productivity and yielding higher value by allowing growers to monitor crops and take preventive measures for their safety. RFID sensors, on the other hand, are facilitating seamless tracking of food items from the field to the store. In addition, IoT is providing a helping hand in optimizing the end-to-end operations in the industry.

Being at the forefront of adopting these technologies, startups have emerged as the partner of choice for the industry. In fact, growers are gradually shifting toward startups to spot the best solutions that meet their needs.

In the wake of these trends, StartupCity has compiled a list of top startups in Europe that are proving their mettle in the field of AgTech solutions with their unique capabilities. We hope this issue of the StartupCity helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to achieve your goals.

We present to you StartupCity’s “10 Most Promising AgTech Startups in Europe-2019.

top agriculture technology startups in europe

Top AgTech Startups in Europe


FruitSpec offers yield estimation software that is based on hyperspectral computer-vision / artificial intelligent technology to increase fruit market profitability. The company chose yield estimation technology as it is fundamental to the fruit market and touches every aspect of the value chain. FruitSpec’s solution covers the entire fruit market value chain, including fertilizer suppliers, irrigation annual plan, growers, retailers, packing houses, logistics, distributors, and two major financial houses — insurance companies and banks. Furthermore, FruitSpec provides a heat-map — a graphical representation of fruits across the entire orchard — that lays out the distribution of fruit quantities across the grower’s land


agriculture technology startups — grainsense

Found in 2014, GrainSense provides a first-of-its-kind, robust, truly handheld, portable grain quality measurement device to measure the protein, moisture, oil, and carbohydrate content of cereal grains and other crops and provide farmers with accurate information on the quality of their produce. In just 30 seconds, seed producers, plant breeders and livestock farmers can quickly get insights into the field and their produce and prioritise the harvest of high-quality crops based on real-time data. With the help of the GrainSense device, even before the harvest, farmers can identify and segregate plots of low quality and those worth being enriched to generate better yield


agriculture technology startups — 30mhz

30MHz provides real-time remote crop monitoring on any device. The device helps to know the historical insight on what the crops have been experiencing, and live alerts to respond quickly to current conditions. From optimizing irrigation and ventilation to preventing disease or sunscald, improving pest management or predicting shelf life, 30MHz delivers the metrics that matter to agriculture and horticulture, on a single platform that makes sense. The company with a team of experts specializes in sensors, internet of things, distributed systems, resilience and reliability, user experience, embedded software, agtech, agritech, precision agriculture, smart farming, and agriculture


agriculture technology startups — AgroSavfe

AgroSavfe is a country that helps in contributing to the sustainable production of safe and healthy food. The Company is focusing on the discovery, development, and commercialization of effective and safe biocontrols to tackle pests and diseases using its ground-breaking, scalable, proprietary AGROBODY™ technology platform. AgroSavfe’s products are a novel class of biocontrols based on AGROBODY™ bioactives that effectively and selectively target pests’ and pathogens’ essential molecules. AGROBODY™ bioactive combine high-performance characteristics of chemical pesticides with the clean safety profile of biologicals. Based on its unique, AGROBODY™ Platform, AgroSavfe has built a versatile product pipeline against key pests and diseases, with the first product expected to enter the US market in 2022


agriculture technology startups — Exatrek

The exatrek app gives fleet management at a glance. Eexatrek connects all the agricultural machines on one platform. All relevant information will be documented automatically. Investigations can be reduced by better fleet control of fuel consumption and increased profits. The company’s exatrek adapter offers the app incorporated with all the information like the Machine locations, working, waiting, and idle times, as well as the fuel consumption of your tractor on the field. With the help of the exatrek app, it helps to keep the overview. With it’s easy to install, and automatic documentation, the app is considered to be universal and brand-independent


Agriculture startups — farmdok

Farmdok is mobile, simple, and automatic production documentation for agriculture — a farm management system, a field record, field diary. With a smartphone app, a web system, and unique GPS driving pattern analysis, the recording costs for the farmers are reduced, the fulfillment of legal documentation obligations simplified, and at the same time, a reliable database for the operational decision-making created. The company was founded in the year 2015 and is headquartered in Wieselburg, Lower Austria. The company’s team specializes in offering Field management systems, production documentation for agriculture, pattern analysis, and GPS evaluation

Regen Farmer

Agriculture startups — Regen farmer

Regen Farmer provides farmers with the services and tools needed to implement and manage regenerative agriculture and agroforestry. The company was founded in the year 2018 and is headquartered in Copenhagen. The company work for a variety of different clients around the world. From farmers to ecovillages, they have helped and designed profitable agroforestry systems. The company focuses on enabling farmers to adopt and maintain regenerative agroforestry on a global scale. The company with a team of experts specializes in offering agroforestry, regeneration, software, agriculture, gis, data, and technology


Agriculture startups —Saturas

Saturas Ltd is developing an advanced Decision Support System (DSS) for precision irrigation and crop water stress measurement based on its groundbreaking miniature Stem Water Potential(SWP) sensor that is embedded in the trunks of trees, vines, and plants, in direct contact with the water tissue. SWP is a sensitive physiological indicator that integrates both soil and climatic conditions and is widely recognized as a highly accurate indicator for determining the crop water status. The sensing system automatically collects data using a minimal number of sensors per hectare. It transmits the processed data to the central automated irrigation control system and allows it to tailor irrigation to the real-time water needs, resulting in more efficient water use and increased fruit production and quality

Small Robot Company

Agriculture startups — small robot company

A Company focused on revolutionizing the way that technology is used to create food. The company’s farming technology has been developed over the last 15 years at the National Centre for Precision Farming. It’s so accurate and precise that you will know precisely where the plants are. The company focus on transforming farming with an easy, low-cost, service of autonomous, precision agri-robotics for a healthier and more efficient and sustainable future. The company was founded in 2017 and is situated in Portsmouth, England. The company specializes in robotics, service design, Agriculture, Farming, Robots, Operating systems, Artificial intelligence, Neural networks, user-centered design, mechatronics, agrirobotics, precision agriculture, robotic agriculture, and Farming as a Service


Taranis is a company that offers an agriculture intelligence platform using sophisticated computer vision, data science, and deep learning algorithms to monitor fields effectively. Taranis provides a full-stack solution for high precision aerial surveillance imagery to prevent crop yield loss due to insects, crop disease, weeds, and nutrient deficiencies. Overseeing millions of acres of farmland in the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, and Australia, Taranis targets high volume commodity crops, which account for 70% of the global crop market and gives farmers the tools to address issues in real-time, increasing yields and cutting costs