Top 10 Energy Technology Magazine

Top Energy Technology Magazine
Top Energy Technology Magazine
  1. Power Magazine
Power Magazine

POWER has been known as a magazine for many years but today it is so much more than that; it’s a trusted brand that includes publications, trade events & conferences, and electronic media. In all its formats, POWER provides the most important business operations and legal and regulatory news, as well as operations and maintenance information, for the power generation industry. Through POWER, industry professionals learn about best practices, safety issues, improved productivity, and more. POWER is the “go-to” resource with print, online, e-newsletters, videos, webinars, and conference offerings.

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2. Energy Tech Review

Energy Tech Review

Energy Tech Review is a guardian angel in this concern, assisting the service providers and business people to choose from the vast pool of enterprises who have worked in the energy sector to bring positive changes in our environment. Energy Tech Review aggregates the brightest of minds, opinions, analyses, the latest technologies, and the most mind-boggling arguments about the critical issues that exist in the energy sector.

The go-to print platform introduces the readers to state-of-the-art technologies that have transformed enterprises, trends, and experiments of the markets along with its ebbs and flows, and success stories of technology applications in real-life scenarios. Energy Tech Review represents a doorway that opens up the reader to a new range of possibilities to get inspiration from, the ideal solutions and services for increasing the productivity of their companies, helping the business leaders to rise to a level of deep learning and quality.

With regular market fluctuations in fields of renewable energy, cleantech, and energy management, Energy Tech Review turns a beacon of light that can help create business opportunities for those who look for pathways to increase revenue. As the utility companies take over a substantial percentile of the market all over the globe by integrating the businesses with potent new technologies and analytics platforms, Energy Tech Review vows to continuously present informed ideas and thoughts aiming to be one of the pillars that can be depended on, to support the weight of the latest trends, and the impact it has over the energy sector.

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3.Utilities Tech Outlook

Utilities Tech Outlook is that quintessential platform that informs about the latest trends, challenges and technology solutions in the space. Utilities Tech Outlook follows a learn-from-peer approach where the decision makers provide their opinions and reviews about innovative technologies, which can create a difference for the utilities space. We aspire to be the trusted magazine for decision makers in the various utility channels including electricity, natural gas, waste management, water and sewage, guiding them toward adopting the best in technology to streamline their operation, enhance customer experience and boost revenue.

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4. Energy CIO Insights

Energy CIO Insights

Energy is known for being an industry with a long-term capital trajectory, where it takes time for change to be felt. The combined effects of lower oil prices and the speed of digital technologies are transforming the energy value chain. In this era of change, where businesses and decision makers are searching for successful business models that will address these issues and generate anticipated shareholder returns in an uncertain regulatory setting, Energy CIO Insights is the go-to print platform.

Energy CIO Insights cumulates the latest technology, opinions, analyses and discussion of the most predominant issues in the field of energy. The publication apprises technology executives, data managers, channel and delivery experts, and operation leaders with current developments and occurrences in the energy technology vertical. Energy CIO Insights acts as a window for key decision makers, shedding light on the wide array of technology applications to choose from, the appropriate solutions and services for enhanced efficiency, and taking their business to new heights.

Changes in consumer demand and new opportunities in renewable energy production are influencing energy companies to invest in alternative sources, modernize their infrastructure and seek new revenue streams. This will continue as energy and utility companies come to grips with building smarter infrastructures and integrating powerful new technologies and analytics platforms. Energy CIO Insights aims to act as an industry catalyst and bring to light the latest trends regarding technology that can impact the utilities and energy sector.

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5. Power Info Today

Power Info Today

Power Info Today is a renowned Magazine for the Power generation Industry executives, also catering c-levels by featuring latest news,views and developments of Renewable and Conventional Energy.

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6. Energy Global

Energy Global

Palladian Publications is based in Farnham, Surrey, England, where we specialise in publishing quality technical magazines for professionals in primary industries.

Our global readership of the magazines spans more than 150 countries on five continents worldwide. Over 95% of the revenue earned by the company is generated from overseas markets.

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7. Energy Digital

Energy Digital

Energy Digital is a ‘Digital Community’ for the oil & gas, utilities and renewable energy industry that connects the world’s largest energy brands & projects and their most senior executives with the latest trends as the global energy industry pivots towards technology and digital transformation.

Energy Digital is a ‘trusted authority’ on the latest energy news combining ‘Executive Thought Leadership Interviews’ with the very latest case studies on Energy 4.0, Global Energy investments, innovation, automation & AI, smart technologies and sustainability.

The focus of Energy Digital’s ‘Digital Community’ is to provide our users with the ‘Ultimate Digital Experience’ — an incredible digital magazine, a world-class website, an award-winning newsletter service as well as video reports, podcasts, blogs, webinars, white papers, research reports, virtual events and a database second to none.

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8. Power Technology

Power Technology

When you combine this with one of the most comprehensive and detailed listings of power generation equipment suppliers, products and services, free white paper downloads and company press releases, you can see why is the key point of reference for the energy industry.

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9. Green Tech Media

Green Tech Media

The global electricity sector is in the early stages of its most dramatic transformation in over a century. The rapid expansion of distributed energy, combined with the newfound availability of data and analytics for utilities, will reshape how the world generates, distributes and consumes power.

With market research, authoritative news, and events, GTM is the leading information services provider for this next-generation electricity system.

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