Shooting Ear Protection From Beretta

Ear Protection

If you are a keen shooter, whether it is something you dabble in occasionally or something you do almost religiously, you need adequate ear protection.

Excessive noise is one of the leading causes of hearing loss. Every year, thousands of people experience hearing loss from loud noises, and in most cases, it could have been prevented with some simple hearing protection.

1. Beretta Mini Headset Comfort Plus

The comfort plus headsets are designed for hunting, target shooting and military use. Mini Headsets are ideal for prolonged use in all seasons, since they banish discomfort and prevent sweating along with the uncomfortable pressure typical of standard headsets. With the Mini Headset you can safely protect yourself from noise in total comfort. The shape is improved to fit most ears and to always remain in the correct position within the ear.

Each Mini Headset includes:

  • 32dB SNR
  • Mini Headset hearing protectors.
  • Comfort silicone ear tip 1xS, 1xM, 1xL.
  • Detachable cord with regulation and stopper.
  • Hard case

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2. Beretta Safety Pro Earmuff

Beretta Safety Pro Earmuffs ensure protection of 25dB SNR and are characterized by their comfortable compact and ergonomic design.


  • Protection of 25dB SNR
  • Each set includes an earmuff carrier strap

Technical attenuation data:

  • H — 32dB
  • M — 22dB
  • L — 13dB
  • SNR — 25dB



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