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Top Banking Tech Solution Companies 2019

  • Recently, technologies like AI, machine learning, and automation have begun to play a much responsible role in shaping the banking industry landscape, from emerging fintechs to newer solutions facilitated by Open banking. These cutting-edge technologies have transformed the field of Banking tech to renew and expand the limited set of financial products, that were hindering the potential growth of the organizations.

Top Banking Tech Solution Companies

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Digital Check Corp

Digital Check Corp. (DCC) enables, automates, and improves efficiency where payment and deposit transactions are managed in financial institutions, businesses and points in between. As banking and payments have continued to evolve, Digital Check has moved with them, introducing new products and opening a software division to help contribute to the ongoing transformation of branch and consumer technology. With new experiments in networking, mobile/tablet, kiosks and self-serve technology, Digital Check remains poised to take on the new challenges of the 21st century

Net Check In

Net Check In is an innovative queue management solution that allows customers to wait for service wherever they want (at home, at work, in a park or at a restaurant) instead of a waiting in long queues at bank counters. Net Check In enables banks to reduce on-site wait times and improve customer satisfaction that increases retention and new customer acquisition


Sutherland, a digital transformation company, builds processes for the digital age, combining the insight of design thinking with the scale and accuracy. The company helps the customers, across industries from financial services to healthcare, achieve greater agility through transformed and automated experiences. The company’s process transformation services innovate at the intersection of business and technology to transform processes that realize the client’s vision. The company believes in design, develop, and deliver. The company offers a full commitment to ethics, sound risk mitigation, and standard policies for safeguarding data, and intellectual property


Zenmonics is a provider of intuitive, omnichannel software that empowers clients to create seamless experiences for customers and associates alike. The company’s solution supports the sales, servicing and origination features, from inside the client’s branch, to call center and remote sales and relationship management workforce. Whne in need of human touch, Zenmonics’s professional services team sets out for success with launching and maintaining customer’s systems, providing consulting, turn-key delivery and staff-augmentation


ZorroSign, Inc calls itself the pioneer of electronic signature technology and offers some of the most advanced technology-backed solutions to financial institutions. The banking sector is undergoing rapid digitalization, and ZorroSign, Inc provides specialized bank-grade security solutions that serve to elevate the security of digital transactions. The solutions from the company are compliant to industry standards and support automated transactions with the help of its eSignature technology. ZorroSign’s offerings find application in areas such as loan management, asset management, and document processing. The company offers seamless digital translation experiences to banks

Accuity Inc

Accuity delivers innovative solutions for payments and compliance professionals that manage risk and compliance and optimize payment pathways


ADO Technologies is a pioneering solution provider of intuitive, precise, and secure mobile biometric platforms for financial institutions and various ID management applications. The company’s offerings comprise complete end-to-end mobile identity management solutions for banks, including complete integration with existing IT infrastructures. ADO is focused on the development, delivery, and implementation of biometric, identity management, and authentication solutions. The identity management solution is a high-end biometric technology based on fingerprint, face, and iris identification, providing the end-user with a comprehensive solution that is quick, easy, and convenient


Aradiom is an international leader in Java mobile application and platform development technology. The company provides complete mobile solutions that include mobile application platforms, turn-key applications, embedded soft-token security solutions. The company focuses on developing the user-friendly and modular framework, which works independently of operators. The company offers a comprehensive and fully customizable mobile solution provider. The company also gives advantages of managing business development processes and enable profound experiences in mobile software development and related mobile technologies like Bluetooth, WAP, 3G, and more. The company also initiates soft token security solutions for the clients


Ascensus is a pioneering provider of retirement services and the largest, most diversified wholesale insurance distributor in the U.S. The company delivers exceptional solutions for every segment of the retirement plan marketplace for the financial institutes. Ascensus is the most significant independent retirement and college savings services provider in the United States, supporting approximately 88,000 retirement plans, 4 million 529 college savings accounts. Ascensus administers more than 1.6 million IRAs and health savings accounts. As a pure administration provider, Ascensus maintains an impartial and exclusive focus on the needs of the clients it serves, free from competing for demands to sell other types of proprietary investments, products, or services


Backbase is the creator of the Backbase Digital-First Banking Platform, a leading digital banking software solution that combines data and functionality from conventional core systems and fintech players into a seamless, digital customer experience. This banking tech solution provider gives financials speed and flexibility to develop and manage seamless customer experience and deliver measurable business results. The company believes superior digital skills are essential in staying relevant, and its solutions enable financials to grow a digital business rapidly. Backbase is among fast-growing fintech software providers that empower financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformation and help thrive in a digital-first world

Computer Network Systems

Computer Network Systems (CNS) is a leading Communication Technology (ICT), banking solutions, and system integrator and managed services provider. The company develops and enhances dynamic approaches to ICT. The company recognizes a trusted, innovative, and enterprising partner that offers the latest innovations to banks and organizations in the region. The company has built a strong customer base by extending the solutions service durations with high end-to-end CNS values to business outcomes. The company uses structured DREAM methodology and create an organization that delivers ICT needs- from design and implementation to manage the technologies

Digital Management Solutions

Digital Management Solutions (DMS) aims to provide an exceptional customer experience by giving the business the most knowledgeable, dedicated, and professional telecom communications teams across the industry. The company values integrity, teamwork, passion, excellence, and innovation. The company puts efforts to avoid the time-consuming and frustrating experience of trying to contact the telecom providers directly and focuses on the clients’ business to improvise data and communication needs. He company understands the clients’ business goals to recommend a package of services based on the clients’ needs. The company offers standard services to different sectors, including banking, manufacturing, hospitals, and healthcare, retail, technical service, and more

Digital Vega

Digital Vega is the pioneering provider of OTC FX Option trading and workflow tools, operating with a broad group of buy-side clients covering hedge funds, private and regional banks, agency brokers, and asset managers. The company continues to add new financial products and support innovative asset classes and bring new market innovations to its award-winning platform. Digital Vega’s client-driven focus and unparalleled liquidity has made the company a market leader in the OTC FX Options marketplace. Digital Vega is working with a group of significant banks to offer rich and robust FX options market data solutions to meet more exacting best execution demands across the industry

Fairfax Imaging

Fairfax Software provides award-winning solutions that allow customers to pay their ways securely. The company offers market-best solutions in document imaging and automated data capture for enabling quick payments, quick cashier, quick modules, and quick tags. The company’s advanced payment solution is designed to quickly get connected with existing applications to provide the latest electronic payments, including credit, debit, and IVR options. The company’s system processes for optimize document processing workflows by electronically identifying, capturing, validating, and updating critical information received by electronic or paper for, including checks processing


Faraday is an innovative AI platform designed to optimize each stage of the customer lifecycle and built to integrate seamlessly with the existing systems. The company is an AI-driven marketing solution for banks, credit unions, and insurance. With consumers demanding convenient, personalized experiences, Faraday fuels the bank systems with the AI-driven insights needed to win and retain more customers. Banks use Faraday for smarted targeting and out-of-home advertising, lead scoring & persona clustering, optimizing loan product cross-selling and churn risk intervention, and detection


Fiserv is engaged in delivering advanced banking solutions among a host of other offerings. With Fiserv’s solutions, banks are enabled to deliver better products and services. Today banks demand technologies that can help them enhance agility and productivity. Fiserv delivers on both counts by offering banks the Agility Platform and a host of Multi-platform Solutions. The company provides solutions for Business Continuity, Business Intelligence, Lending, Mobile Banking, Payments Processing, Risk and Compliance, as well as Relationship Management. Thus, Fiserv offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that every modern bank desires


GTreasury, founded in 1986, was an early pioneer of automated treasury management systems. Today, the company is the longest-standing provider of cash, payments, and treasury management technology and is a driving force in the industry. With GTreasury’s Banking solution, users can centralize their bank information and automate basic processes to gain full transparency and control over banking activity. Its banking tech solution helps firms make most out of banking relationships with bank fee analysis, powerful bank account management, and electronic bank statements. The company helps empower organizations on their path to strategic banking by giving complete visibility into cash, liquidity, payments, and financial risk management

MedRec Technologies

MedRec Technologies is a London-based software development company, offering highly customized, cost-effective solutions and reasonably affordable prices for the services for financial institutions. The company develops multi-channel content management systems to implement consistent digital solutions across kiosks, ATMs, and mobile devices to support customized consumer services based on location, time, channel, and personal preferences. MedRec Technologies programs of multi-vendor ATM software that integrate seamlessly with host environment hardware, including driver license readers, biometric scanners, etc. MedRec Technologies integrates custom modules and external party APIs for enhanced features with customer evolvement

Mitek Systems, Inc

Mitek System brings the future to business with patented solutions and intuitive technologies that fill the gap between the physical and digital worlds. The company offers its expertise in identity verification, including facial biometrics, image capture technology, and ID card verification. The company enables the clients to confidently onboard users, verify identities instantly, and strengthen security against cybercrimes. The company’s products power and protect millions of identity evaluations as well as mobile deposit every day, across the globe. The company delivers unparalleled trust and safety in everyday digital experiences

Novum Partners

Novum is a solution-based consulting company and a pioneering advisor to banks on strategies for data and analytics to mitigate risk, enhance profitability, and improve customer loyalty and satisfaction. The company brings an innovative, fresh perspective and methods and tools to its banking clients. Novum collaborates with clients in every areas of the bank to recognize the highest-value opportunities, address the most significant challenges, and transform the organization using its proprietary methodologies, techniques, and software. Novum provides clients with strategic solutions for ERM, which includes visioning and roadmap services to design enterprise risk management and data governance programs from the ground up


Pleeco uses ontology-driven architecture and delivers a highly adaptable, interactive, and intelligent data platform. The company takes an IT approach to hard-code data meanings and relationships into application code. The company helps the organizations to change the program logic and integrate data from different systems that require re-engineering of the software. The company encodes separately fro data and application code and enables greater flexibility in changing or connecting applications. The company relies on formal definition and categorization of concepts to help analyze and communicate complex business concepts between individuals

TAS Group

TAS Group develops and delivers software solutions for financial institutions, which also include banks. The company is a market leader in the segments of card management, payment network access, and order management. Some of the notable solutions that TAS Group offers are included under the Cashless World, Payment Networks, Credit Management, and E-GOV & B4B. Cashless World facilitates issuing, acquiring, and overall management of payment cards while Payment Network offers solutions to manage payment networks. E-GOV & B4B enables collaborations by interconnecting professional communities. To make lending profitable, TAS Group offers smart loan management solutions too

Temenos Group

Temenos focuses on helping financial institutions of all sizes to accelerate their digital transformation dramatically. The company provides top-performing clients to achieve industry-leading cost-income ratios. The company offers products that combine the standard end-to-end packaged country model bank functionality and the most advanced cloud-native, cloud-agnostic, AI, and API-first technology. The company helps the clients to go faster, and give freedom to innovate and deliver personalized experiences. The global community of banks, Fintech, developers, and business partners can bound by the belief of working better through the offered solution by Temenos


ThetaRay offers AI solutions that pinpoint future problems for discovering new opportunities and exposing blind spots, within complex data sets. The company’s algorithms detect anomalies in real-time, which reduce false positives and highlight “unknown unknowns.” The company offers services to financial institutions, industrial manufacturers, aviation businesses, and critical infrastructure providers at a global level. The company provides services for financial sectors by minimizing risk exposure with early threat detection. The company also optimizes resources and boost the efficiency of the financial institutes by eliminating false positives. The company enables deployment for AML solutions for delivering high standard ATM security and fraud detection


Wooqer aims to empower individuals by simplifying technology and make it practical. The company offers a cloud-based platform that digitizes processes across the enterprise department effortlessly. The solutions provided by the company help the clients to manage tasks, workforce, and business processes for better control and enhanced visibility. The company creates an innovative business environment, and let the clients stay adept at communicating, engaging, and collaborating with the most effective ways. The company offers simple, intuitive, and needs no technical dependence. The company experiences a seamless transition across web mobile and tablets and safely switch tasks between multiple screens



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