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Jack Mathew
7 min readJul 22, 2020
  • Technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are revolutionizing the way we live, think, and behold things. They open up a wide array of possibilities in fields such as medicine, science, agriculture, retail, and many more. The implementation of these immersive technologies will add a whole new dimension and expand horizons for professionals in these fields.
  • Many companies are investing heavily in the development of AR and VR solutions after witnessing its rising popularity in the industry. Even though these two technologies sound a lot alike, they are unique and are used by businesses differently. AR and VR technologies give companies a competitive edge with well-rounded marketing solutions. These applications have been proved to be of a tremendous impact on the workflows and business strategies of all kinds of industries.
  • However, the implementation of technology solutions is no cakewalk and requires a commitment by an expert team to ensure success. This is where experienced AR/VR solution providers come in. Gauging the changing times, CIO Applications has compiled a list of top 10 AR/VR solution providers 2019 to guide organizations in tacking their AR/VR challenges.
  • CIO Applications is honored to feature Atheer on its annual list of AR/VR Solution Providers. Atheer is a pioneer in providing Augmented Interactive Reality solutions. By designing and developing AR-based smart glasses the company helps to enhance the productivity and safety of deskless professionals. We have many such companies in this edition that provide AR and VR solutions that are on the cusp of revolutionizing the way we shop, consult doctors, and interact with students, and other people. VR and AR are not only technologically effective but have a range of potential business and consumer applications that are yet to explore.
  • We present to you the “Top 10 AR/VR Solution Providers — 2019.”

Top AR/VR Solution Companies


Altuit is an independent design firm specializing in cross-reality and cognitive visualization. The company’s goal is to offer 5Ds process, including unique cognitive visualization for its clients. This helps clients communicate with themselves, their partners, and their clients. Altuit creates VR labs for some of the biggest companies in the US. Altuit’s expert team of design, marketing, and technology continue to work with many large and small companies, helping them innovate their products, approaches, and systems for the future. The company has conducted X-Reality workshops at some of the most prestigious design universities and colleges


A team of passionate futurists, designers, thinkers, creators, dedicated to the advancement and adoption of immersive technologies. What started out as a small content studio quickly transformed into something much more, and today the company is at the forefront of innovation as a trusted partner to top brands and business leaders around the world. In addition to developing enterprise solutions in AR/VR/360, ImmersiveXR actively supports the industry as a beta test partner and offers an array of contract services for peers and vendors. A large part of what the company does is research new technologies and network with people that are experts in the field

Kinetic Vision

Kinetic Vision offers product design and engineering, industrial and mechanical design, embedded hardware and software development along with electrical design and development and modeling and simulation. The company has helped leading companies integrate the latest technologies in their product development, manufacturing and quality processes for over thirty years, and is proud to claim over 50 of the Fortune 500 as customers. Moreover, Kinetic Vision has established a new division, Deep Vision Data, to fulfill the growing demand for deep learning solutions and the data needed to train them for future use cases using its platforms, aiVision

Ocutrx Vision Technologies

Provides a first-of-its-kind AR glasses to help correct eye defects such as macular degeneration (AMD), macular scar, and myopic degeneration. Ocutrx’s USPTO-patented Oculenz has the widest field-of-vision in the industry, with a 110-degree high-resolution heads-up display, in a wirelessly connected, untethered, micro-weight headset. The AR device consists of eye-tracking cameras and infrared (IR) illumination mounted in a nose bridge that provides a clear line-of-sight to the eye and does not obstruct the user’s field-of-view


Founded in 2005 as a technology consulting firm for small and large companies Saritasa is a web, mobile app, virtual reality, software, systems architect, and IoT solutions provider that administers development, design, and integration of sophisticated technologies efficiently. The company, with a strong team of passionate and expert technologists, creates robust products and solutions for the clients. Saritasa’s cutting edge AR/VR solutions enable businesses to take advantage of new technologies to remain competitive in the industry. The company firmly believes in investing in tools and infrastructure from a technology level to be able to provide content management systems analytics connected to learning the management of growth within the education and training verticals and help its clients


Atheer is considered the leader in Augmented interactive Reality (AiR) computing. It designs and develops AR-based smart glasses that enhance the productivity and safety of deskless professionals. The company’s mission is to change how businesses work by expanding their people, partners, and customers with contextual data and expertise. AiR Glasses allow users to view important work information right in their field-of-view and communicate with it using simple gestures, motion tracking, and voice commands. With Atheer ‘s AiR enterprise suite, users can collaborate with remote experts via video calls and receive guidance through real-time image annotations to enhance efficiency


Augmentir is the first of the next age of platforms, enabling rapid and sustainable digital transformation for industrial businesses. The company’s industry-leading augmented operations platform integrates enterprise augmented reality with artificial intelligence and machine learning. This empowers front-line workers in industrial environments to perform their jobs with efficiency and enhanced productivity while driving constant improvement across the organization. Augmentir’s platform provides a unique approach to authoring and running augmented, gradual procedures that guides workers through their responsibilities more effectively. It also enables organizations to non-intrusively capture data on how tasks are being executed


Marxent is the pioneer of augmented reality and in-store virtual reality apps for furniture and home decor retailers and manufacturers. Marxent’s 3D Cloud is the omnichannel platform for enterprise retailers pursuing a 3D content approach that benefits from asset reuse across applications. The company is the only 3D content and applications system for retailers who look to inspire buyers, while generating higher conversion rates, facilitating faster purchase decisions, and eliminating returns. The company has developed exclusive technologies, systems, and strategies to optimize speed, reusability, realism, and scale across channels and devices for retailers. Marxent is not just a 3D platform company, but also an expert in innovation and expert in adoption across the enterprise


Munich-based technology company, RE’FLEKT, is enabling businesses to create their in-house augmented and mixed reality applications. The company provides state-of-the-art remote support with intelligent routing. RE’FLEKT makes sure that augmented and mixed reality platform are affordable and scalable for business. Its groundbreaking enterprise ecosystem empowers any business to infuse their industry knowledge into customized augmented and mixed reality solutions. RE’FLEKT delivers technology solutions to a variety of leading global markets, transforming their existing data into a meaningful visual format by allowing access on demand


Sixense is a pre-eminent provider of VR/AR enterprise solutions, offering precision motion-tracking technology to gaming and other mass markets. The Sixense full-presences system facilitates a powerful, immersive individual or team experiences that transform competitive tournaments for location-based entertainment and online. The company lets local or online players compete individually or collaborate to compete against other teams in full-presence. Sixense helps in bringing eSports to the home and arcade, making it easier to run multiplayer matches at a single site or across various venues. With over a decade of VR/AR experience, the company complements the entertainment expertise to develop more impactful solutions, faster.

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