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  • In the past few years, blockchain has emerged as one of the promising technologies in the market. Although initially recognized as a transaction ledger of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, blockchain is now solving a plethora of problems that revolve around data security and sharing, supply chain monitoring, and product tracking. Given these merits, organizations across industries are excitedly adopting blockchain into their mainstream operational workflow without a second thought.
  • Owing to its decentralized architecture, blockchain transactions are highly secured and safe as only authorized individuals can edit, delete or modify the data in any way possible. Blockchain further provides a secure network for communication between IoT devices, thereby yielding high resistance to cyberattacks and breaches as a result of its decentralized nature. Additionally, with the rise in number and popularity of cryptocurrencies, blockchain is very much likely to play a significant role in the exchange of resources amongst organizations.
  • While on one hand blockchain technology has an enormous role to play in online data security, on the other hand, organizations are also employing this revolutionary technology to track and trace fraudulent exchanges or transaction. For example, blockchain offers healthcare providers the ability to trace substandard and forged drugs that enter the market through hashed IDs or product trademarks.
  • Therefore, it is no surprise that blockchain is gaining quite the traction in all industry verticals. Following this market trend, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts along with the editorial panel of CIOApplications Europe brings “Top 10 Blockchain Solution Providers — 2019” to the forefront of organizations, helping their leadership in making the right decision while adopting blockchain.

Top Blockchain Solution Companies


Æternity is a new blockchain technology, designed to deliver unmatched efficiency, transparent governance, and global scalability


Billon seamlessly combines fully regulated money, identity, and documents into a single distributed ledger


Offers an all-encompassing service portfolio such as to the design of data interfaces, project implementation, and the monitoring of data exchange


Provides a secure blockchain solution that ensures end-to-end tracking of medical products throughout the pharmaceutical supply chain

Supports global philanthropic charities utilizing innovative blockchain technology


Lisk makes it easy for developers to build and deploy decentralized applications in JavaScript


Naviaddress helps to digitize and store relevant address information to improve last-mile delivery and provides businesses the ability to create, obtain, own, share, lend smart digital addresses as well as register, own and sell them on the blockchain

Provides the ability to share data and coorporate in a decentralized and secure way

FunFair Technologies

Provides blockchain-powered solutions to change the online gaming industry

Platon Finance

Provides membership-based platform, Platon Club, to study, buy, pay, and use cryptocurrencies efficiently