Marketing Technology Companies

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4 min readFeb 26, 2020
Marketing Technology Companies

CIO Applications presents a list of Marketing Technology Companies. Marketing has always been about connecting with the purchasers at the proper time at the proper platform. the fashionable marketing landscape involves marketers implementing innovative services and solutions to tailor, accomplish and enhance marketing. Martech represents the intersection of selling and technology in today’s increasingly digital business world to realize marketing goals and objectives. Any technology that features pertaining to marketing operations is often martech. it’s become a buzzword in business because the applications of martech are nearly endless. it’s overwhelming to ascertain how Martech landscape has expanded in such a brief span of your time.

The use of martech tools is important for running marketing operations. Companies will still increase their investment in martech solution within the coming years. Companies that fail to stay up will find themselves disadvantaged among technically savvy competitors. AI-enabled marketing is at the core of martech flourishing. AI within marketing technology stands for effective customer segmentation, advanced and updated customer analytics, and efficient marketing strategies. the rise of customer data platforms that streamline 360-degree data access to the corporate that further cause the utilization of AI, because it feeds on data.

Predictive analytics is another hottest topic in marketing today. The core of the predictive analysis is to predict the likelihood of an outcome through the utilization of knowledge science. And it becomes the foremost applicable standpoint for companies within the realm of performance marketing as these efforts are tracked and quantified purchasable or customer acquisition. because the technology ecosystem evolves, these innovations will still reshape the way marketing is conducted which will end in an increasing demand for martech solution companies. Companies will probably believe some marketing technology solution provider to support their marketing efforts. Vendors with their solutions will help automate difficult, time-consuming and redundant manual tasks to surface customer insights.

A robust Martech solution should allow a corporation to peek into what their competitors are up to. because the companies are striving to satisfy the stress imposed by the age of the customer, there are some key considerations in choosing the proper solution provider for marketing tools. Vendors that help organizations with planning, achieving and optimizing marketing campaigns then evaluating strategies more broadly is that the need for recent marketing operations. However, zeroing in on the proper vendor is not any lesser than the herculean task and here comes CIO Applications.

Marketing may be a marathon and corporations got to be prepared for the end of the day to end the cross line. within the light of this, a distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, and analysts including the CIO Applications’ editorial board has evaluated and selected the leading marketing technology solution providers that have in-depth expertise and are at the forefront of redefining the normal marketing methodologies. We present to you CIO Applications’ “Top 10 Marketing Technology Companies- 2020.”

Top Marketing Technology Companies

Bayshore Solutions — Bayshore Solutions offers a marketing solution that uses audience data to determine the mix and frequency of media. To capture consumer early in the marketing funnel and navigate them through a direct path, the vendor integrates SEO, Paid Advertising, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Social Media. With their proven digital marketing technologies, Bayshore drives qualified traffic, creating opportunities for companies to transform their customers into their best brand advocates.

Bidtellect — Content is a significant part of every company’s marketing strategy as it influences almost every other marketing strategy. Created with a game-changing mission, Bidtellect — a performance platform for content-driven marketing — facilitates efficiency in Native Ad buying, selling, and delivery across the web.

DemandGen — DemandGen guides companies along with their digital marketing journey, working hand-in-hand with their teams to help them take advantage of best-available marketing solutions. Their team of talented, passionate experts delivers the tools, support, and knowledge companies need for elevating their marketing’s impact. DemandGen provides companies with people and processes not only to assist in accelerating their marketing automation agenda but also to ensure marketing matters more within the organizations.

FMG Suite — FMG suite delivers assistance to financial advisors, helping them build their businesses, expand their presence, and bolster relationships with customers. The company provides unique digital marketing tools and award-winning content, including websites, multimedia content, and communication tools to over 40,000 advisors and insurance agents. — is a cutting-edge platform for industry-leading marketing services. Their dedicated teams equip companies with tools they need for successful marketing campaigns. It specializes in big data marketing analytics, customer acquisition platforms, centralized sales applications, and inquiry management systems. Their analytics technology allows advanced consumer qualification scoring and other value-added services.

Unbiazed LLC — Unbiazed LLC IS digital marketing agency offering a full suite of Digital Marketing products with the latest in search marketing, Social and Online reputation services. Their digital strategies are based on RoI, driving tangible, measurable results as key performance indicators. Companies can maximize their marketing budget cost-effectively and quantifiable with Unbiazed’s solutions. Their AI methodology aims to increase visibility by expanding rankings, escalating web traffic, improving conversions, generating greater brand loyalty and enhancing the company’s bottom line. To Check The complete list click here….

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