Latest Trends In Automotive Industry

Driverless Cars on Road, Sensors are the Secret!

Gone are the days when a vehicle used to be a simple machine with an engine that ran on fuel. This definition will not fit it anymore. The general perception about vehicles is changing with each passing day owing to the rapidly evolving models which have futuristic features. The modern automobile industry is geared up towards the era of driver-less cars and autonomous vehicles. These developments picked up the pace with the advancement in technologies and have converted the simple vehicles into computerized entities.

The tech-savvy population is now all set to experience a whole new level of driving experience as vehicles become sophisticated with their features but simpler to control and safer to drive. The most integral constituent of such cars is intelligent with powerful sensors. Thus, sensors are the key ingredients that allow vehicles to garner crucial information, which is then processed in real-time to enable automation. The following are the ways in which various kinds of sensors benefit the automobile industry. Read More…

How Smartphone-Based Car Locks are Enhancing Security

The automotive industry is under the impact of enormous transformation. Cars have evolved from being a means of transportation to an indispensable element of digital lives. The modernized automobile is a technology-first entity hosting capabilities like Near Field Communication, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, and much more. Read More…



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