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Phishing refers to fraudulent attempts to get personal information from you, usually by email. Scammers use many tricks that can lead you into sharing information or giving them money, including:

  • Fraudulent emails and other messages that look like they’re from legitimate companies.
  • Spammy pop-ups and ads
  • Scam phone calls or voicemails that impersonate any legitimate company
  • Fake promotions that offer free products and prizes
  • Unwanted Calendar invitations and subscriptions

How to identify fraudulent emails and messages

Scammers try to copy email and text messages from legitimate companies to trick you into giving them your personal information and passwords. These signs can help you identify phishing emails:

  • The sender’s email or phone doesn’t match the name of the company that it claims to be from.
  • The email or phone they used to contact you is different from the one that you gave that company.
  • A link in a message looks right, but the URL doesn’t match the company’s website.
  • The message looks significantly different from other messages that you’ve received from the company.
  • The message requests personal information, like a credit card number or account password.
  • The message is unsolicited and contains an attachment.

How to protect your account and devices

Here are some things you can do to avoid scams that can breach your account or device.

  • Never share personal information like credit card numbers, unless you can verify the recipient is who they claim to be.
  • Use two-factor authentication, always keep your contact information secure and up to date, and never share your ID password or verification codes with anyone.
  • Download software only from sources you can trust.
  • Don’t follow links or open or save attachments in suspicious or unsolicited messages.

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