How Telecom Companies can Ensure Data Regulatory Compliance

Data Regulatory in telecom

Data privacy regulations are coming into force across the EU Union. Harmonizing all legislations into one continent-wide directive, data regulations like GDPR marks the most important overhaul of knowledge privacy laws. With data regulations kicked in, companies that service customers need to take appropriate technical and organizational measures to make sure regulatory compliance. The telecom industry has a no different story to share during this regard.

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Data regulations will impact consumer-facing industries, forcing them to change their business processes, revamp governance mechanisms, and even diversify revenue streams. The ramifications for the telecom industry are going to be significant, as long as sensitive customer data form the backbone of its core operations. With the network breaches increasing within the digital age, telecoms will need to reimagine the way they collect, store, and analyze customer data within the post-regulation landscape. As regulations being enacted, it’ll hinder the operations of network operators from monetizing client data for unearthing new revenue streams. Read More…

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