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Hunting Gear

Still trying to get a grip on what to wear this hunting season? We’ve got you all covered. With the hunting season just around the corner, as a hunter wearing the perfect layers is as important as choosing the perfect shotgun. For those unaware, upland hunting is one of the best sports you can try both in the east and the west during the months of late September to December, giving you the thrill and simplicity of swift airborne hunting.

As palpable as the harsh condition in upland hunting, so is the addiction to doing it again and again. But the first thing to be kept in mind is that gearing materials always differ. Be it hunting Quail in Texas, Pheasant in Dakota, Grouse in Minnesota or Chukar in the Snake River — selecting the right gear always depends on the temperature and the terrain of your location.

Essential Hunting Gear For The Year 2022

1. Base Layer

Beretta Hunting Base Layer

Despite your location, a base layer is a must, as that’s going to keep you warm on cold mornings and sweat-free on warmer afternoons. Choosing a breathable yet well-fitted T-shirt or pants with the perfect fabric is the best way to protect yourself from the unfavorable weather and improve your movement and performance. Cotton is a big no when it comes to base layers. They retain moisture and draw away heat from your body. Nothing worse than a tiny shiver or sweat drench when you are to pull the trigger.

Moisture-wicking fabrics such as merino wool, polyester, nylon are the best options when choosing a hunting base layer. Made of tremendously durable and sweat-resistant merino wool, elastane and polyamide, Beretta’s Merino Base Long Sleeves T-Shirt and Pants are the holy grail of high-performance base layer clothing. Best suited for mildly cool to colder weather, they provide flat contrast stitching and fit regularly.

Merino Base Long Sleeves T-Shirt

Merino Base Pants

In situations of extremely cold weather, Beretta’s new body-mapping technical underwear made from DryArn Fabric is a better option. Made with stretch polypropylene and polyamide microfiber, the garment contains contrast seams, breathable and compression areas to ensure breathability as well as a great range of motion and thermal regulation in the field, forest, and marsh.

Dryarn T-Shirt

Dryarn Base Pant

2. Mid Layers

Hunting in cold and wet weather can be extremely frantic and tiring. Wind chills can be a nuisance even in warm weather. It is best to wear a mid-layer shirt to protect yourself against tall grass, thorns, briars, and the sun. It is important to ensure that a mid-layer shirt is loose (not baggy) enough to transfer moisture away from the base layer. Synthetic fibers, flannel, or corduroy button-down shirts are an excellent mid-layer option as they provide enough warmth and can be easily tucked away on the vest in case the weather gets warmer.

Beretta’s Covey TM Tech Shirt is made with breathable and light micro ripstop that is antimicrobial, anti-UV and insect repellant. Beretta’s Covey TM Tech Shirt is treated with Silade and is UPF50+ to protect against UV rays. Silade treatment uses silver to control the growth of bacteria and associated malodorous to ensure day-long freshness. It is made of 100% PES and has net inserts under the armpits and mesh back openings to improve breathability. The shirt is the perfect mid-layer or outer layer for extreme warm field and forest terrain.

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Beretta’s Wood Flannel Button Down Shirt is an excellent option to wear during the late season. Produced with soft brushed cotton flannel and Silaide odour protection technology, this is a classic to wear on mildly cool to cold days. The shirt is ideal for field terrain and high movements, with a button-down collar and a button-closure front chest pocket. Silaide is a US EPA-approved technology that uses the power of silver to control the proliferation of bacteria, thereby allowing all-day freshness.

3. Pants

Tallgrass, thorny bushes, and briars can be a big menace while pursuing upland birds. Wearing a thick and waterproof cover is an unavoidable essential. Beretta’s Multiaction Pants GTX are an exceptional choice for field and marsh terrain. Designed with a waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX lining and a polyamide canvas face, they are durable and supremely comfortable on the skin, easily sliding over layers. They also complement the overall outfit by having buttons for suspenders, side pockets, ventilation zippers, and preformed knees.

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In the case of extra heavy cover from briars, Beretta’s Covey Waxed Chaps are the essential. They are extremely lightweight and reinforced with dry wax; they are water-resistant, anti-abrasion lined and have outer-knee-zips for easy entry and removal of boots.

Outer Layer

Your upland hunting gear is never complete without a blaze orange vest and a jacket. The vest is the indispensable piece of clothing that every upland hunter must possess. A good vest must be lightweight, water-repellent, and offer plenty of pockets to hold your belongings and the upland game you kill. Made from 90% heavy-duty military-grade cotton twill and 10% synthetic fiber, Beretta’s Covey Retriever Vest is a lightweight waterproof vest with anti-abrasion inserts on the shoulders. It has a large water-repellent openable game bag with a zip closure for easy cleaning. It also has side slits and multiple cargo pockets with flap or button closures to safely keep your belongings.

Pair it with Beretta’s reversible BIS Jacket in case of extreme cold weather. Carefully designed with Polar Tec Power Stretch side panels for extreme movement and breathability, the jacket is also insulated with Primaloft Silver, which is the most thermally efficient synthetic material.

3. Boots & Socks

Two inevitable things that every upland hunter must own are a good pair of socks and hunting boots. Boots are the most vital gear for the perfect hunt. Having a sturdy yet convenient sole is a requisite to hunting safely in rough and steep terrain. Beretta’s Trail MID GTX 1 provides excellent traction even on wet surfaces.The soft cushioning makes it breathable yet shock-absorbent.

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Enough emphasis cannot be given on the necessity of good insulating socks. Beretta’s Hunting Short Sock ensures maximum comfort with extreme breathability. Made with short synthetic fibre and LYCRA, the sock has a mesh structure that assures the best ventilation, fast drying and thermoregulation.

Other Accessories

Three other essentials that a hunter can never go without are their hat or beanie, protective eyeglasses, and gloves.

A blaze orange hat or beanie is what’s going to keep you ventilated and warm and differentiate you in the tall grass and briars. Fitted with R-Flex mesh at the back, Beretta’s TKAD FlexFit Trucker is an excellent choice to ensure surplus ventilation.

Gloves provide excellent grip and protect your hands against shredding and scratches. Made of thin, water-resistant and windproof Polartec material, Beretta’s WaterShield Gloves feature finger-tip inserts that allow the use of touch screen devices as well as ensure a perfect grip.

Upland hunting involves walking through tall grass and briars, increasing the risk of potential eye injury. A good pair of shooting glasses helps in reducing glare and abrasion caused by errant shot pellets. Specifically designed with polycarbonate lenses, the Beretta Mark Eyeglasses provide optical superiority and protection, making them less prone to breakage.

While the gear required for upland hunting may vary from terrain to terrain, the essentials always remain the same. Beretta’s Upland Sportsman Collection has a plethora of options to choose from, making it the best suited for every upland hunter’s or woman’s requirements.

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