5 Ways HR Technology Can Improve Performance Review| HR Tech Outlook Magazine

Hr tech outlook review
Hr tech outlook review

HR Tech Outlook Magazine reviews how technology can improve the performance reviews in the human resource industry. For employers looking to improve the performance review process, HR technology can make a huge difference. The following are five performance-management web apps that I have used in the past:

1. Focus more on collaboration

HR technology lets managers and employees collaborate during the performance-review process. consistent with the Society for Human Resource Management, 90 percent of HR professionals believe that a mixture of feedback from an employee’s manager also as others in a corporation creates a more accurate picture of employee performance.

Featherlight, for instance , helps employers manage real-time performance, schedule one-on-one meetings, provide continuous learning to employees and improve workplace communication.

2. Improve organization

Performance reviews can become messy when employers don’t have a system for organization of their HR processes. For instance , Weekdone enables managers to watch their employees’ goals, accomplishments and challenges during a single place. As employees complete tasks, Weekdone emails managers weekly status reports to assist them gauge their employees’ performance in real time.

3. Turn feedback into constructive ideas.

According to the study published within the Journal of Personnel Psychology, people that are concerned with how others view their performance reported being unhappy upon receiving critical feedback. The study also showed people that care the foremost about learning don’t take feedback well from others.
HR technology helps employers find ways to show their feedback into constructive feedback. this enables employers to teach their employees and provides them the feedback they have to succeed.

4. Build open communication.

For employers to enhance performance reviews, transparent communication should happen between the employer and employee.

By using HR software, employers can easily communicate their goals with employees and make expectations for workers more visible. This helps employees find out how their performance goals fit into the objectives of the organization.

5. Improve real-time feedback.

Timely feedback is extremely important because it ensures employees receive feedback once they need it and may make changes accordingly. But, consistent with the Society for Human Resource Management, only 2 percent of employers perform ongoing performance reviews. for workers to succeed in their highest potential, they have to receive timely feedback.

HR tools like ReviewSnap can help ensure employee reviews are completed at the right intervals and help foster worker engagement.



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